It’s aways refreshing to see big things happening in the most unexpected places.  Cutting edge shows like “Bread & Butter” and “White” have shown up in major cities such as Berlin and Milan.. but now… Turin?

That’s right, the Auto city of Italy is becoming more avant-garde by the second. However, it’s only been a matter of time since the ongoing trend has been “Industrial Chic.”

So what’s hot? Forget New York’s West Village, it’s places like Brooklyn now! If grunge is all the rage, then it’s no wonder  that the annual Operae Independent Design Show was chosen to be held in the old industrial railway carriage and locomotive repair building (which BTW is a magnificent example of industrial architecture built at the end of the XIX century).

cantieri org

This location was the perfect back drop the some of the most cutting-edge designers from around Europe. Buyers such as Arquivo 237 from Lisbon and Valerie Traan from Antwerpen flocked to see everything from home decor and furniture to fashion accessories.

Some of Decorialab’s personal favorites were:

Dorothy GrayDorothy Gray- Bologna, Italy


Glimpt- Gothenburg , Sweden


Gritty’s- Venice, Italy


Jamais Sans Toi- Turin, Italy

But being the knitwear design studio that we are, we are were certainly impartial to Roberta Licini: A well known high-end knitwear designer from Biella, Italy that decided to create her own line of home decor. He collection includes 100% Italian wool  jacquard and intarsia bedspreads, blankets, throws, pillows and rugs. Her aesthetically modern products are produced in Piedmont by artisans that still use old-fashioned Italian jacquard and intarsia knitting techniques. In a nutshell, it’s luxury knitwear at its best.

roberta-licini-c roberta-licini-b roberta-licini-a

Roberta Licini- Biella, Italy